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How to Verify Field Availability on a Report Type

Salesforce Reporting allows you to view which fields are available for a particular report type before creating the report. Additionally, you can filter by object(s) or field(s) to determine which report type to use.

Steps to verify which Fields are available:
  1. On the ‘Reports’ object, click the ‘New Report’ button
  2. On the left panel, under ‘Category’, select ‘All’, and search for the report type you are looking for
  3. Click on the drop-down caret (next to the category) and click on ‘Details’

  1. Select the ‘Fields’ tab and search for the field(s) you need in the report. Once Confirmed, start your report.

Steps to filter Report Types by Object(s) or Field(s):
  1. After clicking on the ‘New Report’ button, select ‘All’ under ‘Category’ to search through all report types
  2. Select the funnel icon labeled ‘Filter report types’
  3. Choose if you want to filter on Salesforce objects or Fields
  4. Search for the Object(s) or Field(s) you want to report on
  5. Apply and select the report of your choice