Frequently Asked Questions



Please reach out to the Altvia Support Team to assist with bypassing the email server protection that causes the password link to expire.

  • Include the record IDs for updates and any required fields for new records.
  • When referencing one record on another object, please ensure the names match within the system (i.e. tagging an account to a fundraising record)
  • First Name and Last Name should be 2 separate columns
  • Only 1 record per row
  • Contacts MUST have an account
  • Date formats should match across objects
  • Any currencies should be formatted to their full length (e.g. do not use 2.5M use 2500000)
  • Try to have consistency across the data (e.g. when looking at an industry type, do not provide both “IT” and “Information Technology” within the list of options)


Please reach out to the Altvia Support Team for assistance with a template or to provide data upload training.

To ensure proper access and licenses are given, please contact the Altvia Support Team and provide the user’s first and last name, email address, and an existing user for us to mirror for permissions.

Yes, please see our article, ‘How to Create a Report Subscription‘ for more information.

This email address is unique to each client org. Please reach out to the Altvia Support Team and they will be able to provide it for you.


The API key is what allows us to link an Admin ShareSecure account to a user’s AIM account. This allows data from a batch to flow between Correspond: Investor Edition and ShareSecure.

Only Altvia employees have the ability to add admin users to an org.

It is likely a user’s email is suppressed (hard-bounced) from receiving emails or is blocked in their email server. We can reactivate them within Postmark (our email provider) and/or provide whitelisting instructions. These codes are sent from which they can whitelist as well. However, we recommend they set up a mobile device to receive these verification codes via SMS to mitigate this issue.

Yes, instructions can be found under the ‘Users’ tab and by clicking on the ‘Import Users’ button.

You can replace documents at a document level by editing the document you want to replace and uploading a replacement file. This will not trigger a notification email to the end user.

Correspond: Market Edition

Unfortunately, you can not CC an email. However, you can BCC emails in mailings. This can be done in the “Name & Recipients” section of a mailing at the bottom of the page.

Responses will be received to the ‘From Address’ email that you selected within the “Customize Email” section of the mailing.

Unfortunately, bounce-back emails do not get received.

You can select a starter template of your choice when creating a new template. Customize it by dragging and dropping elements from the right-hand side of the page onto the template. Editing an existing template will also bring you to the template editor page allowing you to make changes.

Create a report using the ‘Contacts and Accounts’ report type including First Name, Last Name, Email, and Contact ID. For reports including more than 2000 contacts, the ‘Managed_Pagination_Id’ field needs to be included.

Correspond: Investor Edition

Please connect the user’s ShareSecure API Key to AIM by following the process in this article. 

One of your Investor Contacts is missing an email address. You can either update the email address for the contact or create a report to exclude the Investor Contact and use the “Filter from Report” feature.

Master Investor Contacts (MICs) allow users to set up a standard set of Contacts for an Account that can quickly be added as Investor Contacts to that Account’s Investors. For more information, please see “How to Manage Master Investor Contacts (MICs)”.

Create the contact as an Investor Contact for the associated Investor Commitment.

Update the Investor Correspondence Preferences on the Investor Contact for the selected document type.


AIM Dashboards only pull in data that is in AIM. Answers can pull data from a variety of sources. Answers can also build more complex dashboards and is more customizable.

AIM reports are still of use! If someone needs to run a quick report out of AIM to help take action on a task, they can still do it. Answers is best used for strategic decision-making across the firm, the fund, or a team.

Cubes are refreshed nightly to ensure data being pulled in is updated. This cadence can be customized for what time and what days it will refresh.

If a specific Investor is unable to view the ‘Analytics’ tab, ensure they’re included in the proper group. If you navigate to their specific user in ShareSecure and scroll to the bottom of the page, the groups they are a part of will correspond to what answers dashboards they should be seeing.

It is also good to confirm if the issue is happening for just one user or numerous.

If you are experiencing incorrect data in your dashboard, it may be caused by our nightly data syncs. Typically, each dashboard is scheduled to refresh its data every night. So if you just made changes to your data, that is most likely the reason. If this isn’t the case, reach out to Altvia support to assist.