Other Product Release Notes

September 2023 Release Notes

New ShareSecure Feature Updates

Easily Create New Users with ‘Clone Access From Existing User’ Feature

  • Now, you can seamlessly set up new users by using the “Clone Access from Existing User” option from the Create User screen.
  • Once selected, the “Clone Access from Existing User” option populates a dropdown with search functionality, which enables you to select existing users to clone access to groups and/or documents, streamlining your workflow.

Opt-in-or-out to User-Requested ‘New Invite’ Notifications

  • When a ShareSecure user requests a new invite post-expiration, there is an automatic ‘User Request New Invite’ email triggered.
  • Now, you have the flexibility to opt-in-or-out of these notifications by adjusting the new ‘Notify On User Updates’ toggle in the org permission settings.

Automatic Timezone Adjustment

  • Moving away from the previous UTC format, dates and times now automatically adjust to the current timezone that is set from your browser settings.
  • This will ensure consistent viewing throughout ShareSecure.

Link Contact Record on ShareSecure’s User Profile Page

To increase the interoperability between ShareSecure and AIM, you can now: 

  • Showcase whether a ‘Contact Record’ is either ‘Linked’ or ‘Not Linked’ to AIM on the user profile page. If “Linked”, the word itself acts as a clickable gateway to the AIM record in a new tab. If “Not Linked”, it remains as plain text. This allows you to efficiently oversee and navigate ShareSecure user-AIM connections.
  • You can also click the user-friendly tooltip next to the ‘Contact Record’ field for in-application instructions on how to use this new feature.

Control Expiration Dates on ShareSecure Invites

To increase the organizational control over invite link management, you can now: 

  • Manage a long-term onboarding process by simply turning off invitation expirations to ensure a smoother and more flexible onboarding experience for your potential investors or LPs.
  • Toggle the ‘Invite Expiration’ setting on or off to either create expiring invite links after 60 days (‘toggle on’) or create non-expiring invite links (‘toggle off’).

Standardized Date Formats for Admin and End-User Interfaces

To improve ShareSecure’s User Experience, you now can:

  • View the same display dates as the end-user in the “JAN-01-23” format.
  • This change makes dates across the platform legible, consistent, and more user-friendly for everyone, irrespective of geographical location.
  • Note: Reports and other exportable items will retain their current date format for exporting and manipulating outside of ShareSecure.