Other Product Release Notes

July 2023 Release Notes

New AIM CRM Updates

Clone Investor Contacts & Preferences from Existing Contact Records

  • Now, you are able to clone your Investor Contacts and their related preferences from existing contact records with a new action button on the Contact Record. The process begins on the desired contact record that you want to clone records to. 
  • Once you have successfully cloned an Investor Contact, a review screen will follow, giving you a summary of your actions
  • To increase operational efficiency, we’ve also created a search functionality for you to quickly look up specific contact records and preferences that you’d like to clone. 

Add Checklist Automation to AIM Objects (Investor/Investment)

  • Checklists within AIM help your team manage tasks and due dates for investing or capital-raising opportunities. Now, Checklists can be added to Investor or Investment records using the AIM Checklist functionality.

New Correspond Investor Edition Updates

BCC Key Stakeholders on a Per Batch Basis

  • Now, you can easily Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) key stakeholders on a batch-by-batch basis for direct emails sent via Investor Correspondence. This functionality was previously held within a custom setting. 
  • The new BCC Address field is also available to edit on an email template-by-email template basis.

New Correspond Market Edition Updates

Include Merge Tags Dropdown Option for Text-Only Editor

  • A new dropdown has been added to the Text Only Template Editor within Correspond Market Edition, allowing you to know which merge tags are available for use within templates. This allows the merge syntax to become available within the Editor after selecting a merge tag.

New ShareSecure Updates

Admin Category Search on Documents Page

  • Within the admin portal, a search bar has been added to the category sidebar on the documents page to allow you to filter and search for categories faster.
  • If there are no matching categories pertaining to your search filter, then each section will show, “No Matching Categories.”
  • Use the ‘x’ button to clear the search field and revert back to seeing all available categories.

Admin Category Search on Share/Remove Documents by Category Page

Similar to the category search above, we’ve also added a search bar to the Add/Remove documents by Category page within ShareSecure. This will allow you to quickly find categories that you need need to share with your newly created or existing LPs.

Set Documents to be 'Read Only'

  • Now, you can set PDF and Microsoft Office documents to ‘Read Only’. This new feature is a key security enhancement because it allows you to share investor documents with peace of mind, knowing documents cannot be downloaded, printed, amended, or have text copied.
  • When you enable the ‘Read Only’ feature, it will result in the below actions for your key portal stakeholders (LPs/Investors):
    • Printing options become removed and disabled within the document viewer.
    • Downloading options are removed and disabled within the document viewer.
    • Text selection is removed and disabled within the document viewer.

New SFDC Contact ID Column Added in Users Report

  • A new column has been added to the Users Report called ‘Contact ID,’ which shows the SFDC character ID associated with individual users.
  • The User Report also allows you to cross-reference every user who is linked between ShareSecure and AIM CRM.

Clear Paused Document Share Notifications

  • Should you decide that any paused ShareSecure notifications are no longer necessary to be sent, you now have the option to clear paused document notifications that have been queued up.