Other Product Release Notes

May 2024 Release Notes

Introducing, Altvia’s AIMPro for Deal Teams:

Finds Deals. Close More. Click Less.

Introducing Altvia’s AIMPro for deal teams – a proprietary solution that harnesses the power of Salesforce into a sleek and innovative UX that streamlines deal discovery, management, and closure. 

Boost productivity and maximize your tech investment with AIMPro to drive firm-wide, strategic growth. Find out how AIMPro can be your competitive edge in dealmaking.

Experience a solution that not only simplifies essential deal team tasks, but also intelligently conceals unnecessary complexities.

  • Stay on one screen to manage your deals with fewer clicks.
  • Automate email and event capture.
  • Confidently analyze, visualize, and report on deal data.


Learn more about AIMPro for deal teams here: altvia.com/aimpro

AIM Updates

Managing multiple LPs for One Fundraising Record is Hard.

Convert a Single Fundraising Record into Multiple Investor Records.

We’ve added a new “+Investors” button to the Fundraising object in AIM. This button launches a workflow that allows you to convert a single Fundraising record into multiple Investor records seamlessly. 

This feature is particularly useful for groups working with RIAs. Typically, a fundraising process is tracked with one record, but RIAs often bring multiple LPs into a fund, and these LPs need to be linked back to the original RIA fundraising record. 

With this new workflow, you can:

  1. Enter information for multiple Investor records.
  2. Add these Investor records into a queue during the process.
  3. Review all the added Investors.
  4. Complete the process, which will then create the corresponding Investor records.


This streamlined approach simplifies the management of multiple LPs within a single fundraising effort. 

Curious to learn more about how this new feature can elevate your workflow? Please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Never Lose Track of Add-On Commitments Again.

Effortlessly Track Investor Commitments within AIM.

We’re excited to introduce a new Transaction object to AIM. Linked to the Investor object, this enhancement allows you to track multiple transactions for each investor record. This improvement will help you achieve:

  • Accurate Records: Maintain precise, up-to-date investment records to minimize errors.
  • Investor Satisfaction: Enhance transparency and improve reporting to foster stronger investor relationships. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Reduce back-tracking and minimize the need for manual corrections.


To learn more, contact your Customer Success Manager.