Other Product Release Notes

August 2023 Release Notes

New ShareSecure Updates

New Quick Action Filter: “Shared On” & “Shared in the Last 30 Days”

  • In the spirit of enhancing your investors’ experience, we’ve added a ‘Shared On’ column to the investor/LP interface. The ‘Shared On’ column allows LPs to quickly filter the date on which a document was shared with them (either via a direct upload or via Investor Correspond). Now, ShareSecure portal users have the flexibility to filter by both the ‘Document Date’ and the ‘Shared On’ allowing for quick and easy document discovery.
  • Subsequently, the blue ‘Shared In Last 30 Days’ quick filter component at the top of the portal will now filter documents by the actual ‘Shared On’ rather than the ‘Document Date’. 

'Document Date' Added to Admin Documents Page Table

  • A ‘Document Date’ column has been added to the Admin documents page to have parity with the end-user interface. Now, ShareSecure admins can sort this column and select a date range to filter the table, choosing between ‘Last Modified’ and ‘Document Date’.