Other Product Release Notes

May 2023 Release Notes

New ShareSecure Updates

Existing Users: Two-Factor Authentication Device Additions

  • To ensure the safety of your ShareSecure account, you will now be prompted with a notification modal to add a two-factor authentication device as a method of security when logging into ShareSecure. 
  • While you can disregard the notification modal to add a device, the prompt will continue to appear once per login session until a two-factor authentication device has been added.
  • Once you add a two-factor authentication device to your account, the pop-up will no longer appear during your login session.

New Users: New Account Creation - Mobile Phone Number

  • With a similar goal to improve account security measures as stated above, we now ask new users for a mobile phone number upon their ShareSecure account creation.
  • Once the new account is created, users will be required to log into ShareSecure with a two-factor authentication step by way of their mobile phone number.
  • This new requirement will significantly increase your firm’s data security.

ShareSecure | Answers Users: Configure Your Landing Page

  • A new feature held within ShareSecure’s edit menu, will give you the option to configure your landing page to be either your Documents Tab or your Answers (Analytics) tab. You can choose this on a group-by-group basis.
  • As seen below, you will have the ability to display an Answers dashboard view on your LPs landing page vs. the document view. 

New Correspond Investor Edition Updates

Auto-Create Additional Categories for Investor Correspondence Batch

  • Tired of having to manually add categories to your IC Batch? Now, you can add categories, such as Entity, Name, and Year, automatically to your IC Batches, just like the Batch Type.
  • How does it work? A new custom setting held within AIM Investor Settings labeled ‘Additional IC Categories’ will allow you to input the API names of fields from the Investor Correspondence Batch object. Multiple fields can be added as long as they are comma-separated.