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How to Enable Your Mobile Phone Number as a Two-Factor Verification Method

  1. Your Portal Manager needs to disable 2FA for your user account to access the Portal if you are unable to log in.
  1. Sign in to your account at https://sharesecurely.com/login
  2. Click your name in the top right corner and select ‘My Account’

  1. On the left-hand side, select ‘Security Settings’

  1. Locate the Two-Factor Authentication Settings and select ‘Change two factor authentication settings’

  1. Select ‘Activate Two Factor Authentication’

  1. Enter your Mobile Phone Number in the box and select ‘Verify’

  1. Once you receive the code to your mobile device via text message, enter the code in the box and select ‘Verify’

**If you notice your mobile number is incorrect, select ‘Change mobile phone number’

  1. Upon your next login, you will be prompted how to send the verification code. Select ‘Send verification code by SMS to ******1234’

  1. Enter your Verification Code and select ‘Verify’