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How to Connect an AIM Contact with a ShareSecure End User Contact

Are you having issues seeing ShareSecure data for your investors within AIM? If you have already created the end user in your ShareSecure portal, the end user may not be linked to the AIM contact record. Best practice calls for you to connect your ShareSecure users to AIM by taking the necessary steps below to achieve this:

  1. Go to the contact record in AIM and click on the ‘ShareSecure’ tab to view the data in the ShareSecure widget. You will notice the ‘Last Sign In:’ field will show “Never” meaning the connection has not been established yet. 
  1. Once you confirm that the emails match on the AIM contact record and the end user in your ShareSecure document portal,  click on the link ‘Invite User to ShareSecure’ on the AIM contact record. 

  1. You will be taken to a new page that says ‘We have found a user with the same email, would you like to associate with them?’ Click on ‘Associate’.
  1. Now if you view the contact record back in AIM, you will see that a last login date is populated and you will notice that you can view the end user’s ShareSecure activities and document statuses right from this ShareSecure widget.