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Email Notification Options When Uploading a Document to ShareSecure

Email Notifications (by default) are sent out to the users that you share a Document within ShareSecure. Below are a couple of options available to ShareSecure Admins to change this behavior.

Notification Example:

Option 1

When uploading a Document, there are multiple options to look at before completing the upload. One of which is called “Notification Email”. You can uncheck this checkbox and no Notification emails will be sent out to the users that you share the Document with. 

Option 2

  • Navigate to “Organization Settings” under the ‘Settings’ tab shown below. 

  • Click the ‘Emails’ tab.

  • Under the Email Customization section there will be an On/Off switch next to the sentence “Create and Send Share Notification Emails”. If this is turned on then users will have the option to send out Notification emails when uploading Documents. If it’s not turned on, no Notification emails will be sent out organization-wide when a Document is uploaded, regardless of user.

  • Don’t forget to click “Save”!

To customize and preview your Notifications, scroll down the page to the bottom where you’ll see “Notification Email”