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How to Use the “Filter from Report” Button in an Investor Correspondence Batch

If you want to send documents to select recipients in an Investor Correspondence batch, create a report in AIM with filtered results.  This can be useful in situations like LPs needing a special version of a static document.

  1. Create a new report in AIM by going to “Reports” and selecting “New Report” in the top right.

  1. Search for and select the “Investors with Investor Contacts” Report Type as you will need to add the “Investor ID”.

  1. On the “Filters” tab, adjust filters to display all results and all dates (toggle “Update Preview Automatically” on to view the live changes).

  1. On the “Outline” tab, remove any unnecessary columns and pull in “Investor ID”, “Investor Name”, “Contact Name”, and any columns for filters you would like to apply so you can ensure accuracy in the report. In this example, we pulled in ‘Correspondence City’.

  1. Add filters to remove recipients based on shared criteria. In this example, we added a filter for the ‘Correspondence City’ to equal ‘Denver’ and the ‘Entity Name’ to equal ‘Fund III’.

  1. Save your report in a Public Folder so it can be used in Investor Correspondence.

  1. Navigate to the Investor Correspondence object to create your Investor Correspondence Batch.
  2. On the “Select Recipients” tab, click the “Filter from Report” button in the top right.

  1. Search for and select your report, confirm the results, and click “Save”.