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What are the Delivery Options for Investor Correspondence?

An Investor Correspondence Batch record is the vehicle that delivers documents to Investor Contacts via email and/or ShareSecure (using Investor Correspondence Preferences) for an Entity.

  • Investor Correspondence Preferences

When sending an Investor Correspondence Batch, items are delivered to Investor Contacts according to their Investor Correspondence Preferences per the Correspondence Type (see below).

  • Send Email

When creating a new Investor Correspondence Batch, use the “Send Email” checkbox.  This option can also be found on the “Batch Home”, and it indicates whether an email needs to be sent to the Investor Contacts as part of the batch.

Even if an Investor Contact has Investor Correspondence Preferences set up to receive an email, if “Send Email” is not checked, then an email will NOT be sent to the Investor Contact.

  • Share via ShareSecure

The documents that are part of an Investor Correspondence Batch will be delivered to the Investor Contacts if their preferences indicate they should receive them, and the user sending the batch has set up their ShareSecure API Key properly in AIM.

Documents that are delivered to ShareSecure will be tagged with categories entered on the “Batch Home” screen, the title of the batch, and the Investor Legal Name (for Templates and Split Documents only).