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How to Share a Dashboard in Answers

Owners can share dashboards that they have created with other Answers users (both Viewers and Designers). An owner is any Designer who has created a dashboard (or has had ownership transferred). When sharing a dashboard, you can define whether the recipient has editing rights

  1. In the heading of the dashboard, click the Share button
  2. Enter the emails or groups of users with whom to share the dashboard.

  1. In the dropdown menu next to each user/group select whether the user is a designer with editing rights (can edit) or viewer (can view).

  1. Click Save

**Note: When an owner modifies a dashboard (adding a new widget, changing a field name), the dashboard is not automatically updated for recipients. The dashboard owner must publish their updated dashboard to the recipients.

This is done the same way as sharing, only it is Republish, not Share.