[Webinar] The ‘Digital Collision’ Coming for PE & VC

Join us for a discussion on The ‘Digital Collision’ Coming for PE & VC, with thought leaders and bright minds from across the industry.


We are joined by Charlie Orr, Stone Connell, Bruce Sinclair, Tim Friedman, Jeff Williams, and Kjael Skaalerud. The discussion focuses on: the current state of PE/VC, the potential digital transformation presents, and what the winners / future landscape of PE/VC might look like.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a better sense of macro trends in digital transformation and actionable ideas you can implement at your firm to establish a more modern, tech-driven operating model.


  • The status quo in Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • The role modern technology plays in other industries today
  • Envisioning the future and what leading firms will look like in the next era
  • Actionable steps firms can take today to catch up or stay ahead of the curve

Webinar Panelists

Tim Friedman
Founder, PE Stack

Stone Connell
Director, Finance
JAZZ Venture

Charlie Orr
Business Development Associate,
Summit Park

Bruce Sinclair
Founder & Principal,
Digital Operating Partners

Jeff Williams
Chief Strategy Officer, Altvia

Kjael Skaalerud
Chief Revenue Officer,