Correspond: Investor Edition – FAQs

Check out the content below to find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a different question that you’re not finding an answer to in the Altvia Care Community, please contact Altvia Care Support.

If a new Contact joins a firm and needs to be added as an Investor Contact for a number of Investor commitments, how can I do so most efficiently?

Add that Contact as a Master Investor Contact to his/her new firm. Once you do that, you’ll have the option to use the + Investor Contacts button to create Investor Contacts across all of that firm’s existing Investor commitments.

How should I update Investor Contacts if a Contact leaves a firm and should no longer receive correspondence?

You can deactivate that Contact’s Master Investor Contact for that firm. Simply press the Deactivate button and select all Investor Contacts where Preferences should be removed. Once you deactivate that MIC, its Active checkbox will be unchecked and that MIC will no longer appear as an option when creating Investor Contacts through the + Investor Contacts popup on Investor.

How many total recipients can I include in a batch? 

A single batch can include up to 5,000 individual recipients (Investor Contacts).

How many Investors can I include in a single batch? 

A single batch can include up to 400 Investors.

What’s the largest static document I can send via Investor Correspondence? 

100 MB.

What are the file size limits associated with split documents? 

The largest file size you can split is 250 MB or 20,000 pages. The largest investor-specific document file size is 3,000 pages.

What’s the largest Full Batch PDF I can generate? 

250 MB.

Can I send an IC Batch without any documents attached? 

Yes. Simply skip the Manage Documents screen as you run through the wizard steps.

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