May 2024 Release Notes

Introducing, Altvia’s AIMPro for Deal Teams: Finds Deals. Close More. Click Less. Introducing Altvia’s AIMPro for deal teams – a proprietary solution that harnesses the power of Salesforce into a sleek and innovative UX that streamlines deal discovery, management, and closure.  Boost productivity and maximize your tech investment with AIMPro to drive firm-wide, strategic growth. […]

March 2024 Release Notes

AIM Updates Rich Text on Interactions Make sure to take advantage of our rich text formatting on interactions. Format text as bold, italicized, underlined, or strikethrough. You also have the ability to create bullets, number lists, and insert multimedia and hyperlinks. If you aren’t taking advantage of rich text on interactions today, please contact your […]

January 2024 Release Notes

AIM Updates Automatic Email & Event Syncing – Match My Email Here’s a quick overview of the key benefits of our new collaboration with Match My Email: Secure and automatic email capture compatible with AIM Interactions and Interaction References. Ability to bulk sync historical emails as Interactions.  Flexibility to integrate with all email services and […]

How to Enable MFA for Users: An Admin User Guide

Salesforce is requiring MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for users. There are a variety of authentication options available, and this guide will provide admin users with information regarding these options and the setting adjustments needed to enable MFA.  MFA Options Available One of the primary options for MFA methods is the Salesforce Authenticator app, which can be […]

How to Enable MFA for User Accounts: A User Guide

Once your organization admin has enabled MFA for your user account, follow these steps to connect your preferred MFA app to your user account.  Altvia Support would be happy to assist you with ensuring that MFA has been enabled for your user account, please email with any questions! Selecting an MFA App There are […]

How to Request a Signature and Sign a Document in ShareSecure

Users now can sign documents without having to print and scan documents or leave ShareSecure. The following steps will walk you through the process of requesting a signature on a document in ShareSecure.  To Request a Signature When manually indicating signature locations, the next step will ask you to indicate on the document fields for […]

How to Manage Agreements in ShareSecure

Do you need to send a notification to all your clients in ShareSecure? Do you have a new Privacy Policy that you need new users to accept? Perhaps you need to request consent from your clients to deliver K-1s electronically.  ShareSecure admins can create Agreements to: View and Access Agreements To access Agreements in ShareSecure […]

How to Leverage Your Data in AIM by Reporting on Interactions

Reporting on Interactions is an important tool for understanding recent meetings, coverage, next steps, and more. Reports can be scheduled in AIM on a regular cadence and sent to Users via email so you have the data you need when you need it. Commonly Scheduled Interaction Reports include: Report Types are key for creating Interaction […]

How to Create a Report to Display History of Changes Made to Records

To report on history changes, you will need to ensure History Tracking is enabled for the selected field(s).   To do so, go to the related Object in Settings > Object Manager, and select “Fields & Relationships”.  You will then select “Enable Field History Tracking” and select or deselect any fields you’d like to begin or […]

How to Export Reports to Excel

Salesforce provides the option to export Reports as a CSV or XLS file within the Reports Object. Below are the steps on how to export the report to Excel. Steps: Example of a Formatted Report: Example of a Details Only Report: