How to Customize the Watermark

ShareSecure offers an organization-wide setting that will apply a watermark to all PDF documents.

If watermarking is enabled for your instance of ShareSecure, PDF’s will be stamped with details such as username or download time.  

Note: Watermarking is not document-specific.  In other words, it is either turned on or off for all PDFs in your portal.  Watermarking should not be turned on if you have password-protected PDF’s in your instance of ShareSecure.  For more detail, please see this article.


Click on Settings then go to Organization Settings in the top ribbon of ShareSecure.

Select the watermark lines that you would like to use.  The options are:

  • Confidential
  • User Name
  • User Email
  • User Company
  • Download Time
  • Watermark all documents by default (can be changed on a per-document basis)
  • Password Protect Watermarked Documents

Note:  You may test out the functionality of watermarking by downloading a document using the ‘View As’ option on any user.  The watermark that you see will be specific to your user since you are logged into ShareSecure.  The watermark will contain the user’s own details when s/he downloads the PDF.