How to Create a Report Subscription

Tired of having to log in and look for specific data in reports that you need each week from AIM!? In Salesforce Lightning, users have the option to subscribe to reports and dashboards in order to receive results by email. With the correct permissions users can subscribe themselves and also add other users, groups and roles to receive the results as well. Improve efficiency by setting up reports and dashboards once, the way you want them, then always have the data you’re looking for sitting in your inbox whenever you want it to be!

Permissions Required: 

  1. To subscribe to dashboards: Subscribe to Dashboards
  2. To subscribe other people to dashboards: Subscribe to Dashboards:
  3. Add Recipients
  4. To subscribe other people to dashboards by group or by roles:
  5. Subscribe to Dashboards: Send to Groups and Roles.


Head to the Reports or Dashboards tab, and locate the report or dashboard that you would like to subscribe to. 

Once in the report, in the top right corner of the report area there will be a drop down menu next to ‘Edit’.

Locate ‘Subscribe’ in the drop down and click on it. (NOTE: You can also subscribe in this same manner from a List View, using the drop down menu accordingly on the right hand side of the page.

From a List View you’ll go here to subscribe:

A pop up will appear to ‘Edit Subscription’ as shown below.

    1. Here you have the option to choose how often you would like to receive the report. Choose time and how often.
    2. Set conditions for when you’d like to be sent this report. If you’re sending yourself a report of all Interactions but there aren’t any last week, here is where you can state you only want to receive the emailed report if the # of Interactions is greater than 0.
    3. Select if you’d like to receive a ‘Summary only’ or a Summary AND the report itself. Here is where you’ll also select who else you’d like for this report/dashboard to be sent to.

Click ‘Save’.

Some things to consider with subscriptions:

  • Each user can set up to 5 dashboard subscriptions
  • Dashboards that are configured to display data as “The Dashboard Viewer” under “View Dashboard As” cannot be subscribed to.
  • When selecting whom you want to include on the subscriptions, the emails available to you will only be the emails from each user’s email address corresponding with their user in Salesforce. 
  • Recipients see emailed report data as the person running the report. Consider that they may see more or less data then they normally see in Salesforce.